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The Inner Agreement

What if the unconscious mind were not as complicated as it seems? What if its basic desires were extremely simple, and all it wanted to do is “its job” – if only the conscious mind would make an effort to acknowledge it, and try to satisfy its simple requests? And what if, once this bridge was established, our thinking became much more clear, and problem solving much easier? The author introduces a method he “stumbled upon” that was startlingly effective in treating his anxiety disorder and depression.

Using a combination of self-hypnosis and visualization, you will discover your own personal object that will help form a special bridge between your conscious mind and a deeper, more ancient part of your psyche - a part that needs your attention and understanding - a part that has changed little over the millennia, but plays a vital role in our lives.


A Practical English-Thai-Malay-Vietnamese Dictionary

This dictionary is geared toward those who are working, traveling, or doing business in Southeast Asia on a fairly long term basis: and are already learning to speak Thai, Malay, or Vietnamese.  It is meant to serve as a ready reference as one moves about in and through Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

One may find as one travels in these countries that the natives rarely know much of their neighbors' languages; so it seems prudent to be prepared for this "gap". Of course, a dictionary can't teach a person how to speak a language-but in conjunction with a good language course, it is hoped that this dictionary will prove useful.

Dale E. Victorine

Two Piano Sonatas

No. 1, Op. 83
No. 2, Op. 93


Dale E. Victorine

Two New Christmas Choral Settings

The First Noel
Sweet Was the Song