By Dale E. Victorine

Feb. 17, 2002  

        I believe in God, but I am not an active member of any one faith. I live in a world where many people also believe in God. Many, of particular faiths, believe that their faith is the only correct one, and that their way of knowing God is the only right way. For a long time, I have not believed that this could be right. If God has chosen one particular people, who must believe in him in one way only; and these people are supposed to preach that particular dogma to the rest of us, what of those who never had, or will never have the chance to hear or accept that teaching?

    And yet much good comes of most faiths in this world. Prayers are answered. Real peace is attained. Miracles for the good even happen.  How could this be, if God is only on a few groupsí side? I have a theory about this. Perhaps God knows much more than us, but chooses not to intervene on the level of belief systems, because we have been made with a free will. God speaks to different peoples in terms that they can comprehend at that point in time and space. God works with those whose hearts sense Him and reach out to Him. With our Good Intentions, Love, and Innocence we enhance the flow of spiritual energy and higher knowledge that exists already as an aspect of Godís omnipresence.

    God does speak to us. But how purely that message is received must always depend on the receiver. Throughout history we see certain people that can be considered Godly. They embodied our best traits and were clearer conduits of the Divine Will. Let's encourage each other to express our best traits. Only then will we truly be approaching The Divine.

Be at peace.

     Although I'm not a card-carrying anything, if you want to see the value I place on faith and some sort of relationship to The Divine, please look at my Music section to hear some of the spiritual compositions I've written.

In the Beginning
There was only one bright place--
One beautiful thought
of what It's Love could become.
Then that thought burst forth in stars.

The Heartflyer






Music by Schubert