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D and L Carpet Cleaning

Serving the greater San Jose area since 2001
Owner, Operator - Dale E. Victorine


(408) 768-1941

      High Quality Steam Cleaning

    Free estimates


    Pre-spotting treatments


    Final Grooming

    Water Damage

    Upholstery & Area Rugs

    Work Guaranteed

   2nd & Higher Floors: No Problem

(Most Carpet Cleaning Companies can't work above the 2nd floor because their hoses can't reach that far. We have a powerful portable that we can bring up to those hard-to-reach apartments or condos.)

You'll find our rates very reasonable, and we guarantee our work.
I'm also an Apartment Manager, and know the quality expected by both tenants and owners.

Apartments & Condos:

 Studio         $75.00

1 Bedroom      $90.00

2 Bedroom      $115.00

3 Bedroom     $145.00


Living Room: $45.00
Dining Room: $30.00
      Bedrooms: $25.00 each
   Hallways: $10.00
     Stairs: $25.00
      Sofa: $25.00



800-2499 sq ft .21 per sq ft
2500-5999 sq ft .19 per sq ft

Dale E. Victorine
3709 Akron Way
San Jose, Ca. 95117