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The Garden

Poems inspired by Japanese poetry

The Bible begins with a story of Man's first home: A beautiful Garden.  It is said that Adam and Eve were cast out after eating from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  I believe in that Garden.  To me it is more real than so called "reality". Yes, we were cast out of The Garden--by our own stubborn minds. By our own insistence on turning Life into war.

Come back to The Garden.


My heart senses it--
Innocence beyond darkness.
A bright, pure Garden.

This world is a dream.
The one that's real and endless
Is made by Lovers.

In this universe
All things are bound to something.
But beyond this
Love is the greatest power,
And to It all things are drawn.

(For Whitley Strieber)
The Truth about Man?
It's a mighty shout of Joy.
It's a Love so big
That we'll never find the end.
And finally, it's Silence.

In the Beginning
There was only one bright place--
One beautiful thought
of what it's Love could become.
Then that thought burst forth in stars.

In a dream we saw
Millions of lonely people
Sitting in the dark;
And scattered around them
Were countless unlit candles.

And to the desert
Came the gentle rains again,
Bringing life and joy,
Where once there was dry wasteland.
And to my heart came your love...


(Background music: Siciliene by G. Faure)

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