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Again the Bombs


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Our Wonderful Bombers

Nov. 13, 1998

"Bomb the sh... out of him!" This is the battle cry today concerning Saddam Hussien--being echoed and taken up by the thousands here in America. How we love our trusty bombers! What miracles they can accomplish! And's as if we aren't really preparing to bomb Iraq (and thousands of innocent civilians), but Saddam himself. As if he is some gargantuan creature as large as a whole country.

But the craziest part of this whole thing is what we plan to bomb. Won't bombing biological and nuclear weapons sites send this stuff up into the atmosphere? What are these wise generals thinking of anyway? Or maybe it's we that are the stupid ones...Happy Thanksgiving!


Again the Bombs
Dec. 16, 1998

Today the bombs fell again on Iraq. This was the only solution they could think of. People are dead. Torn apart and dying. So this is our punishment to Saddham: To kill innocent civilians.  This solution was wrong and I must condemn it.  May God have mercy on the unmerciful.

So we come to the end of this millennium making war.  Carnage is a fitting way to find peace, it would seem.  Listen to the roar of the bombs. Let it lull you to sleep. The sleep of the innocent? Listen to the screams of the dying and bereaved. Carry the dead, limp children to their mothers and watch their eyes. Watch their eyes...

No good will come of this action. I feel that strongly. How can real good come from such an evil act? But let the roar of the bombs give you peace, if this is the kind of peace you love. I'll have no part of it.


August 21, 1997

We've all heard a lot about Denial in the last few years.  It's become  a psycho-babble buzz word, and many of us have dealt with some of the ways it affects our lives. But why should we be so surprised that we're so good at Denial?

When I was a kid the Cold War was blazing and the government at least made an attempt--if lame and half-hearted--to prepare us for a nuclear attack. There were commercials teaching children to dutifully crouch under desks. A few people were building fallout shelters. That was about all there was, though.  I guess it didn't matter that we'd only have a few minutes warning of a nuclear attack. The only conceivable way of surviving an attack would be in a shelter at home. There would be no time to drive or run to a public fallout shelter.

I guess that's why the government just stopped talking about it. "Why make them worry? They'll just spend all their money on survival instead of that new refrigerator or car." So for decades, while the nuclear Sword of Damocles hung over our heads, we were lulled to sleep with sweet nothings like "Mr. Ed" and "I Dream of Jeanie". The aim?  To turn our brains into utter mush. Denial.

Why should we wonder that we're so good at Denial when, during the most dangerous time in the history of the world, our government basically told us nothing about  how to prepare for and survive a nuclear war? Denial 

Now there's an even more insidious threat: Terrorists with nuclear, gas, and biological weapons--holding hostages, or just getting even with America.  The threat is very real, as can be seen with the Saran gas attacks on the Japanese subway; but are we being prepared or educated for such an incident? I think you can answer that question very easily. You see, a terrorist with gas isn't the most insidious thing here. It's Denial...because the sweet silence shouts some disturbing things: That the people of America are considered to be stupid. That they are sheep. That they are expendable.

So the next time you ask yourself, "Why are we so good at Denial?", just stop and look at the people you're paying to run your country, and ask, "Are they more prepared for a terrorist attack than I am?"  Denial.