Mariko Takahashi

Mariko Takahashi

We here in America don’t know very much about the music coming out of Japan. If you go to the CD store and ask for some Japanese music, you’ll probably be handed some shakuhachi (flute), or koto music. But there really is some nice music being done in Japan, and you don’t even have to understand Japanese to like it.

Mariko Takahashi is a very special singer. She was born on March 6, 1949 and made her debut on March 21, 1973. She’s been well known in Japan for a long time and I hope she’ll become more well known here. Roberta Flack has done an album of her songs translated to English. She’s an all around musician—writing many of her own lyrics, singing, playing the saxophone, and piano. She’s an extremely expressive performer. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase one of her CDs, but you may have to go a bit out of the way and find a shop that specializes in Japanese products or books. Online stores that carry her albums are: and

Music Files

These Windows Media Audio files are playable with the Windows Media Player or Winamp. These are the two players I know of, but I'm sure there are others that would work.

Anata no Sora o Tobetai
I Want To Fly in Your Sky)
Blue Anata ga Ikita Lovesong

Mariko Takahashi and Koji Tamaki

Gomenne Night
For You   For You  

(Sung by Roberta Flack in English)

Friends Friends  

(Sung by Roberta Flack in English)


Mariko Takahashi Discography Slideshow

Friends: Roberta Flack Sings Mariko Takahashi

In 1994 Roberta Flack did an album of translated Mariko Takahashi songs. Click the picture or title and see if you can get it from Or try



Here's a link to Mariko Takahashi's Homepage.
There, in Discography, you can hear excerpts from her many albums.

P.S. If anyone knows where to find midis of her songs, please let me know.

If you'd like to purchase Japanese CDs in America, one place to go is Kinkuniya Bookstores. West Coast locations are:

Seattle, WA (206) 587-2477
San Francisco, CA (415) 567-7625
Los Angeles, CA (213) 687-4480
Portland, OR (503) 641-6240
San Jose, CA (408) 252-1300, 675 Saratoga Ave.
Costa Mesa, CA (714) 434-9986
An Impressive site for finding and ordering J-Pop and other Asian Music.
A Canadian Online Store with a great selection of Asian Music and Videos.


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