Miki Imai

Miki Imai


Miki Imai is another of my favorite Japanese Singers. She's been singing since the mid 1980s and has also modeled and been on TV. Her voice is very soothing and sweet. There's a lot of variety in the music, which is also very tasteful and easy to listen to. While I was in Thailand I was listening to her tapes and using the emotional backdrop as an inspiration for poetry writing.


Music Files

Sora ni Chikai Shuumatsu

Hitomi ga hohoe mukara

  Piece of My Wish

Haru no hi


Love Scene

Unknown Title


Short Bio

    Miki's Slideshow
    (If you're visiting the Miki Imai Slideshow, wait a minute or two once you get there to hear her song I've chosen for the background music.)

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