By Dale E. Victorine

My Complete Works Project

(Midi and live recording files of my works)

A Complete List of my Works


Piano Sonata, Opus 83 (live recording)

I Andante - Allegro
II Andante
III Rondo - Allegro


Piano Trio in D minor, Opus 84 (live recording)

I Andante
II Adagio Tranquillo
III Moderato

Sonata for Cello and Piano in D, Opus 86 (live recording)
I Allegro
II Andante
III Allegro


The Road Not Taken , Opus 77 (video)

Audio Version

A Setting of the poem by Robert Frost for Chorus with Piano Accompaniment
January 2001

Read the poem.

Sonata for Violin and Piano in A minor, Opus 79
March 25, 2001

I Moderato (Steve and Aya Ettinger)
II Andante (Brooke Aird and Miles Graber) Video Version
III Andante con moto
(Brooke Aird and Miles Graber)

Three Tanka Vignettes
for Women's Chorus
, Opus 78
on Poems by the 9th Century Japanese poetess,
Ono no Komachi
Translated by Jane Hirschfield with Mariko Aratani

  1. Did he appear
  3. The autumn night
  5. Although there is...
  6. (Read the poems)

Quartet for Strings in C, Opus 80

August 8, 2001

I. Andante con moto (live)

II. Andante con moto (midi)

III. Tempo di Minuetto (midi)

IV. Andante ed Arditamente (midi)

I Have a Dream, Opus 71 (video) Audio Version
A Symphonic Poem for symphony orchestra, chorus, and speaker
Based on the "I Have a Dream" speech of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ayuthaya, Thailand.

Symphony in D minor for Symphonic Band, Opus 74 (1991)

  1. 1st Movement (video) Audio Version

  2. 2nd Movement

  3. 3rd Movement

  4. 4th Movement

Here is my symphony for symphonic band, "Ayuthaya". The inspiration for the symphony came from a visit to the old capitol of Thailand: Ayuthaya (pronounced ah-yoo-tah-yah). It was considered one of the most beautiful cities of its time until its destruction by Burma in the late 18th century.

Five Pieces for Organ

Meditation No. 1, Opus 34 (1984) (midi)
Meditation No. 2,
Opus 44 (1986) (midi)
Meditation No. 3
, Opus 55 (1987) (midi)
Festive Prelude
, Opus 72 (1989) (Performed by T. Paul Rosas)
Concert Prelude
, Opus 75 (Jan, 2000) (midi)

An E. E. Cummings Song Cycle

  1. In Time of Daffodils, Opus 41
  2. Somewhere I Have Never Traveled, Opus 46
  3. I Thank You God, Opus 49 (Kathy Kasdorff, soprano)
  4. I Love You Much, Opus 65
  5. Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town, Opus 69 (Laura Anderson)
  6. A Live Recording of "Anyone" Performed by the San Jose Symphonic Choir (video)

Seven Sacred Songs

The 23rd Psalm (1984), Opus 36 (Lynne Carew)

Now We are the Children of God (1985), Opus 42 (midi)

Consider the Lilies (1986), Opus 47 (video) (Carmen Martin, soprano)

A Live Recording of this song - 1986 (Lynne Carew, soprano)

Psalm 121 for Chorus and Piano (1984), Opus 38

Mary's Song Opus 50 (Lynne Carew)

Kyrie Eleison for Soprano
with Piano Accompaniment (1987), Opus 64
(Katherine McKalip)

He's By My Side, Opus 60
 Gospel for Soprano with Piano Accompaniment (1987)
(Katherine McKalip) 


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