Nocturne No. 2 in C, Opus 12  (For Olga Korbut)

  At the 1972 Olympics Olga Korbut was one of the stars. I was not very athletic myself, but still enjoyed her stunning performances. In 1976 I was 20 and beginning to find my musical voice. I watched her performances, and although she did receive a gold medal, she was injured and outshone by other gymnasts. It felt poignant, and I couldn't help writing a wistful waltz for her.

  In 2003 while I was working on midis of all of my works, I found some video clips of Olga from the 1972 Olympics, and downloaded them. On a whim I added my music, without changing the length of the videos. I couldn't believe that my music went so well with her routines. So here is Olga Korbut and my Nocturne for Piano No. 2 in C, Opus. 12, Aug. 1976

Dale E. Victorine