Teresa Teng

Deng, Li Jun

In 1991 I was living in Thailand. I had recently married my Thai girl-friend, Lek, who I'd met at a computer company in California in 1989. I was teaching English and sometimes felt very homesick. A Japanese friend introduced me to some of his favorite music and I discovered Teresa Teng. She had one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. Teresa was born in Taiwan in 1953 and was much loved throughout Asia. Ironically she died of an asthma attack in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1995; a year after we moved to America. I'll never forget the comfort her songs and voice gave me. Farewell Teresa.

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Chinese Songs

Japanese Songs

I Only Care About You
(Video with translation)

I Only Care About You

You Shei Zhi Wo Ci Shi Qing
(Is there anyone who knows how I feel?)

Koibito Tachi No Shinwa
(Lovers' Myth)

(I Wish You and I Could Live a Long Time)
(Windows Media Video)

Wakare no Yokan
(Forebodings of Parting)

(Just as Your Tenderness)

(Hong Kong)

(Thousands of Words)

(Windows Media Video)

 Wine Color no Koiku 
(Memory of the Wine's Color)

Sweetie Sweet


(It's Hard To Forget My First Love)

(Windows Media Video)


(Don't Forget This Night) (Video)

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